Chester County is home to high-quality streams and waterways, prime agricultural soils and important natural areas like the Hopewell Big Woods and the White Clay Creek National Wild and Scenic River. This web page provides information on environmental protection, including climate action planning, sustainability, and natural resource protection.

50 Ways Your Community Can Protect Our Planet

In honor of recognizing Earth Day for the past 50 years, this booklet features 50 ways your community can help protect earth's resources and ensure a resilient environment that supports healthy living year-round.

Climate Action Plan

The plan will include an updated greenhouse gas emissions inventory and an action plan for reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency throughout the county.

Sustainable Practices

Local case studies showcase successful sustainability and resource protection initiatives.

Protecting Natural Resources

Local ordinances, guidelines, and best management practices are important tools for the protection of natural resources.

Natural Resources Mapping and Inventory

The Chester County Natural Heritage inventory as well as other natural resource inventory, mapping, and related publications are available here.

Watersheds Plan

Watersheds is the county's integrated water resources plan and serves as the County-wide Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan.

County Environmental Planning Policies

Learn more about Chester County's comprehensive plan, Landscapes3, Watersheds, and the Greenhouse Gas Report.

Environmental Planning Partners

The Planning Commission coordinates with other County departments as well as Federal and State agencies to protect Chester County's resources.

Environmental and Energy Advisory Board

This board will enhance the County's commitment to preservation and protection of the environment and focus on the balance, interplay, and impact of energy related initiatives and issues.

Clean Energy

Clean energy initiatives can address climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.