coverChester County Climate Action Plan Revised Draft - June 2021

A revised draft Climate Action Plan (June 2021) is now available for public view. This draft is an update of the January 2021 draft plan and addresses the comments received during the public review and comment period which ran from February through March 2021 as well as the comments and questions submitted at the March 4, 2021 public meeting. There were over 170 attendees at the virtual public meeting and we received over 100 comments and questions during the meeting. In addition, we received approximately 130 comments through email and our online comment portal during the two month comment period. A large majority of the comments supported the Climate Action Plan and the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We appreciate those who took the time to submit comments during that time period. The Environmental and Energy Advisory Board, at their April 2021 meeting, recommended that the revised plan be forwarded to the County Commissioners for their consideration for adoption.

View the draft Climate Action Plan.

View the Climate Action Plan Meeting Slideshow.

Chester County Greenhouse Gas Reduction Report

The Board of County Commissioners recognizes the importance of addressing greenhouse gas emissions within Chester County. The Board formed the Chester County Greenhouse Gas Reduction Task Force in 2007 to study the issue and develop an action plan for reducing greenhouse gases. The resulting report established a blueprint for how the County, local municipalities, business and other stakeholders can reduce their carbon footprint. View the 2010 Report

Clean Energy

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