coverChester County Climate Action Plan draft - 2021

A draft climate action plan for Chester County has been released for public review and comment. The updated Climate Action Plan expands on the 2010 Greenhouse Gas Reduction report, providing an updated greenhouse gas emissions inventory as well as an action plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency throughout the county. The plan was prepared by the Chester County Planning Commission in partnership with the County's Environmental and Energy Advisory Board.

A public meeting on the proposed Climate Action Plan was held on March 4, 2021 at 6:30 pm via Zoom. A recording of the meeting and the meeting slideshow can be viewed below.

The comment period for the Climate Action Plan is now closed. We will be considering all submitted comments as we move forward with developing the next draft of the plan.

View the draft Climate Action Plan.

View the Climate Action Plan Meeting Slideshow.

View a recording of the Climate Action Plan Meeting.

View public comment on the Climate Action Plan

Chester County Greenhouse Gas Reduction Report

The Board of County Commissioners recognizes the importance of addressing greenhouse gas emissions within Chester County. The Board formed the Chester County Greenhouse Gas Reduction Task Force in 2007 to study the issue and develop an action plan for reducing greenhouse gases. The resulting report established a blueprint for how the County, local municipalities, business and other stakeholders can reduce their carbon footprint. View the 2010 Report

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