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The Chester County Planning Commission collects and shares publications, reports, maps, videos and other newsworthy information that supports the six goals and vision of Landscapes3, the county's comprehensive plan. The stories below are organized by the plan's six goal areas — Preserve, Protect, Appreciate, Live, Prosper, Connect — and the Vision.

Planning Commission Updates

photoVPP Round 2 Now Open

The Chester County Planning Commission is pleased to announce the opening of Round 2 of the Vision Partnership Program for 2022! Learn more.

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How We Preserve

Protected Open Space Tracking (POST)

Each year the county tracks and reports the total amount of protected open space totals. The 2022 totals will be released in early April. Check back for more info! Learn more about POST.

photoeTools — Protecting Chesco's Farmlands, Natural Areas, & Cultural Resources

Chester County established some of the first land trusts to preserve land throughout the county back in the 1940s, and today, the county has nearly 30% of open space protected because of it. Learn about the benefits of conservation easements and how to implement them.

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How We Protect

photoeTools — Native Plants

Landscaping with native plants is critical for Chester County's ecosystem. Learn more.

photoeTools — BMPs and Floodplan Protection

Stormwater Best Management Practices and floodplain protection are important to manage flooding and maintain a healthy ecosystem. Learn more.

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How We Appreciate

photoChester County Commissioners Approve Contract to Bolster Historic Tourism

The Chester County Commissioners recently approved a $156,000 contract with Heritage Strategies, LLC to bolster historic tourism in Chester County. Learn more.

photoAmerica250PA Commission

In honor of the 250th anniversary of the United States in 2026, the county has formed the Chester County America250PA Commission to highlight the important role that Chester County played from before our nation was formed, through to today, and into the future. Learn more.

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How We Live

photoA Guide to Local Farm Products

Explore Chester County's pick-your-own farms, wineries, farmers markets and more. Learn more.

photo2021 Housing Report

The 2021 Housing Report shows a 20-year high in Chester County home construction. Learn more.

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How We Prosper

photoNon-residential Construction Report

Chester County saw a total of 36 non-residential construction projects completed in 2021 totaling 1,139,151 square feet. Learn more.

photoAg Council Releases New Strategic Plan

The Chester County Agricultural Economic Development Strategic Plan (AEDSP) outlines how to sustain and grow a successful agricultural economy in the face of growth pressures, industry challenges, and limited resources. Learn more.

photoChester County Economy Report Released

Chester County released an Economy Report which can help guide economic planning and future growth. The report highlights the county's strengths and weaknesses, helping to guide the implementation of Landscapes3. Learn more.

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How We Connect

photoChester County Launches Walk. Ride. Drive. Safe Campaign

Chester County launched a new Walk. Ride. Drive. Safe campaign offering tips and rules to keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe — and drivers aware. Learn more.

photoNew Amtrak Bus Service

The recently launched Thruway Bus Service is an important step in the county's initiative to restore passenger rail from Reading to Philadelphia. Learn more.

photoChester County's Solar Power Guide

With the demand for solar power rising, CCPC released a Solar Power Guide with information and guidance on regulating solar power facilities. Learn more.

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Landscapes3 Vision and Map

photoeTools — Implementing Zoning Overlay Districts

When it comes to zoning districts, municipalities often include zoning overlays to effectively address the needs within their community. Learn more.

photoeTools — Selecting a Planning Consultant

It's important to select a Planning Consultant that best suits the needs of your project and community. Learn more.

photoNew Suburban Landscapes Design Guide Released

This new design guide supports the planning principles and design elements for development in the county's suburban landscapes. Topics include recommended planning policies, design treatments, regulatory strategies, & links to online resources. Learn more.