Population and Demographics

Chester County has over half a million residents and is expected to continue growing significantly over the next 30 years. This web page provides basic demographic information and provides links to other data providers.

Census Complete Count Committee

Information on the Chester County US Census Complete County Committee, which will be working to encourage residents to fill out the US Census form on "Census Day" April 1, 2020.

Population and Demographic Data

General demographic information such as the sex and age distribution of the residents of Chester County and its municipalities.

Population Projections

Future projections and forecast of specific data sets relating to topic such as general population and employment.

Population Trends

Data sets from past years which indicate how the county has change in terms of selected features like age distribution, ethnicity, and Hispanic origin.

County Population and Demographic Planning Policies

Landscapes3 is the comprehensive plan for Chester County, and renews the county's commitment to balancing growth and preservation to foster vibrant communities. Population and demographics are primarily addressed as part of Forces Shaping Our Future.

Population and Demographic Partners

Organizations and data source providers like the US Census and the Pennsylvania State Data Center which post a range of population and economic data on their websites.