Chester County has a diverse economy that includes significant concentrations of high tech, finance, pharmaceutical, information, health care, management, real estate, and agricultural industries located in suburban, urban, and rural communities. This web page provides information on urban planning, the VISTA2025 plan, and economic development tools.

Programs and Projects

Urban Centers

Chester County urban centers represent concentrations of population, employment, commerce, institutions, and services for the County. The Chester County Planning Commission strives to provide planning services to the 15 boroughs and City of Coatesville. Below are several planning resources that the Planning Commission provides for the urban centers. Learn More

Vista 2025 Implementation

The county's economic development strategy, VISTA2025, is being implemented through five goal teams. The five goals address quality of place, talent attraction, business expansion, innovation, and infrastructure support. The Planning Commission works on the implementation of a number of these goals by partnering with the Chester County Economic Development Corporation and other stakeholders. Our Commercial Landscapes efforts addresses recommendations for the quality of place and infrastructure goals.

Planning Toolbox — Economic Development

The goal for Economic Development is to support a strong and diverse economy through sustainable development practices, to attract, grow, and retain business and industry, create jobs, and maintain the quality of life that has made Chester County an attractive place to live and work. View tools that can help achieve this goal at the municipal level through sustainable and energy conservation practices.

Development Opportunity Sites

The Chester County Planning Commission has coordinated with partners to create interactive maps that identify current development opportunity sites in strategic areas.

County-wide Planning Policies


Landscapes3 is the comprehensive plan for Chester County, and renews the county's commitment to balancing growth and preservation to foster vibrant communities. Landscapes3 is organized around six goal areas: Preserve, Protect, Appreciate, Live, Prosper, and Connect, and addresses land use, growth, and preservation as part of the Landscapes Map. Economic development is addressed primarily within the Prosper goal area of Landscapes3, with limited discussion within Appreciate and Connect.

VISTA 2025

The county has an economic development strategy outlined in VISTA2025, which was developed by a public-private partnership. This strategy recognizes the county's high quality of place as a defining characteristic. Driving principles for VISTA2025 include: sustainability that balances progress and preservation; inclusiveness that recognizes every person is an asset; and diversification that seeks to maintain the county’s employment base that is spread across multiple sectors.


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