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2022 News

Energy Transfer held criminally responsible for damage from Mariner East pipeline construction
08/05/2022, StateImpact PA

Mariner East gas pipeline developer pleads no contest in pollution cases
08/05/2022, Associated Press

Sunoco misses cleanup deadline at Marsh Creek State Park; local lawmakers call for action
08/03/2022, Daily Local News

Pennsylvania fines Sunoco Pipeline for Mariner East violations in Delco
06/16/2022, Philadelphia Inquirer

Mariner East has sparked a boom in fracked gas exports from Philly region
05/08/2022, Philadelphia Inquirer

Pipeline builder in Pennsylvania failed to safeguard residents
03/11/2022, StateImpact PA

Construction wraps on problem-plagued Mariner East pipeline
02/17/2022, The Philadelphia Inquirer

PUC Invites Public Comments on Enhancements to Regulations for Petroleum and Hazardous Liquids Pipelines
02/12/2022, Pennsylvania Bulletin

Busted Mariner East pipe dug up in East Goshen
02/04/2022, Daily Local News

2021 News

YEAR IN REVIEW: Mariner East pipeline work continues despite protests and lawsuits
12/28/2021, Daily Local News

Mariner East pipeline is set to be completed after years of environmental damage and delays
12/24/2021, StateImpact PA

Wolf Administration Requires Sunoco to Restore Lake at Marsh Creek State Park in Chester County
12/06/2021, PA Press Release

A PUC Directs Sunoco Pipeline to take Public Safety Actions in Response to Complaint Case Involving Mariner East Pipelines
11/18/2021, PA PUC Press Release

PA charges Energy Transfer with environmental crimes over Mariner East pipeline project
10/05/2021, Daily Local News

Chester County Commissioners Want Emergency Pipeline Plans
8/18/2021, Daily Local News

Chester County Seeks Consultant to Develop Specialized Pipeline Hazard Emergency Plan
8/16/2021, Chester County Press Release

Residents outline pipeline concerns to Chester County Officials
7/22/2021, Daily Local News

Chester County officials call for pipeline shutdown
7/20/2021, Daily Local News

Mariner East 2 pipeline in West Goshen develops small leak; evacuations not ordered
6/03/2021, Daily Local News

US pipelines ordered to increase cyber defenses after hack
5/27/2021, Daily Local News

FBI names pipeline cyberattackers as company promises return
5/10/2021, Daily Local News

Pipeline hit by cyberattack could be back by weeks end
5/10/2021, Daily Local News

After pipeline cyberextortion attempt, gasoline prices tick higher
5/10/2021, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Sunoco failed to disclose some risks of Mariner East pipeline, was 'negligent' in response to concerns, judge rules
4/27/2021, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Supreme Court Notebook: David faces Goliaths over pipeline
4/23/2021, Associated Press

Chester County DA to Sunoco Pipeline: No more Mariner East nuisances, or else
4/22/2021, The Philadelphia Inquirer,

Chester County District Attorney files civil action against Mariner East pipeline
4/22/2021, Daily Local News

PUC judge orders Sunoco to improve its public safety guidance, and pipeline safety, on ME project
4/14/2021, StateImpact PA

Amid lawsuits, Delaware River Basin Commission makes fracking ban permanent
2/25/2021, Philadelphia Inquirer

Agency permanently bans fracking near Delaware River
2/25/2021, Daily Local News

PennEast Pipeline Gets High Court Hearing on Land-Use Rights
2/3/2021, PA Environmental Hearing Board

2020 News

Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board's Opinion on Sunoco DEP Appeal
12/16/2020, PA Environmental Hearing Board

Sunoco Pipeline's plans to cut Mariner East through a Delco apartment complex arouses protests
11/26/2020, Philadelphia Inquirer

Sunoco wants to block order to reroute Mariner East pipeline away from Chester's Marsh Creek Lake
10/26/2020, Philadelphia Inquirer

Secrecy law for Pa. utilities gets boost in court ruling sidelining public records agency
10/23/2020, Philadelphia Inquirer

Whistleblower claims Mariner East construction lacks proper safety measures related to sinkholes, subsidence
10/07/2020, State Impact PA

Trench digging for pipeline wins approval rather than HDD
09/24/2020, Daily Local News

Pennsylvania DEP orders Sunoco to reroute mariner East 2 pipeline after spill into Marsh Creek Lake
09/11/2020, Philadelphia Inquirer

PA issues a new round of penalties against Sunoco Pipeline for Mariner East mishaps
08/21/2020, Philadelphia Inquirer

Lawmakers call for Mariner East license to be revoked
08/19/2020, Daily Local News

Chester County Commissioners urge Wolf to shut down pipeline construction
08/17/2020, Daily Local News

Dignitaries visit site of drilling mud spill at Marsh Creek Lake
08/14/2020, Daily Local News

Officials claim pipeline workers breached aquifer at Shoen Road in Chester County
08/14/2020, Daily Local News

More Mariner East pipeline-related sinkholes in the region
07/21/2020, Daily Local News

Mariner East pipeline leaked drilling fluid into Marsh Creek Lake, say environmental groups
08/11/2020, Philadelphia Inquirer

More Mariner East pipeline-related sinkholes in the region
07/21/2020, Daily Local News

Pipeline Safety Investigation Under Way Involving Subsidence Incidents in West Whiteland Township, Chester County 07/17/2020, PA PUC Press Release

Chester County commissioners sent a letter to state officials Monday asking that Energy Transfer Partners not be given special treatment
04/15/2020, Daily Local News

State: Waivers for work on Mariner East pipeline awarded in error
04/09/2020, Daily Local News

Pennsylvania is allowing some Mariner East pipeline construction to continue despite the coronavirus shutdown
03/26/2020, Philadelphia Inquirer

Mariner East construction back on after waiver requests approved
03/25/2020, StateImpact PA

Pipeline basic maintenance ongoing
03/25/2020, Daily Local News

Mariner East construction back on after waiver requests approved
03/25/2020, State Impact

West Whiteland Oks around-the-clock pipeline drilling
03/06/2020, Daily Local News

PA approves $200,000 fine and order "remaining life" study of Sunoco ME1 pipeline
02/27/2020, Philadelphia Inquirer

Hearing on Mariner East 2 scam continued until April 2
02/20/2020, Daily Local News

Pipeline construction can continue after appeals court ruling
02/19/2020, Daily Local News

Judge denies Chesco's request for injunction to halt pipeline work
01/23/2020, Daily Local News

Sunoco responds to county pipeline injunction request
01/22/2020, Daily Local News

Chester County seeks injunction to halt pipeline construction at 2 sites
01/19/2020, Daily Local News

Commissioners File Injunction Against Sunoco to Prevent Construction on County Property
01/17/2020, Chester County Government News

Energy Transfer to pay another $2M fine for Mariner East spills
01/17/2020, Daily Local News

Lawmakers want pipeline opponents to be heard
01/09/2020, Daily Local News

Pipeline gets new life
01/07/2020, Daily Local News

2019 News

Battle of Mariner East pipeline rages into 2020
12/31/2019, Daily Local News

Mariner East pipeline employees, contractors illegally paid state constables in "buy-a-badge scheme," DA says

Chesco DA files more criminal charges linked to Mariner East pipeline
12/03/2019, Daily Local News

4th sinkhole forms along Mariner East route at Sleighton Park
11/19/2019, Daily Local News

FBI probing how Wolf team handled permits for Mariner East pipeline project
11/13/2019, Daily Local News

FBI now investigating the way in which Pennsylvania approved Mariner East pipeline

DEP says January butane leak at Marcus Hook handled correctly
11/01/2019, Daily Local News

Another sinkhole develops along pipeline route in Middletown
10/30/2019, Daily Local News

Colorless, odorless and tasteless: Area residents testify at pipeline hearing
10/25/2019, Daily Local News

Shut down Mariner East, pipeline foes implore Pennsylvania agency

Several Chester, Delaware County residents urge PUC judge to shut down Mariner East pipelines, citing fears of leak or explosion
10/23/2019, StateImpact PA

PA Public Utilities Commissioners welcome Ralph Yanora
10/23/2019, PA PUC Press Release

Another sinkhole develops along Mariner East route in Sleighton Park
10/18/2019, Daily Local News

Judge to hear testimony from residents about pipeline safety
10/18/2019, Daily Local News

Pipeline demonstrators picket Gov. Wolf's Capitol office
10/18/2019, Daily Local News

New federal pipeline safety rules draw praise from industry, scorn from critics
10/17/2019, StateImpact PA

Portion of Mariner East pipeline completed
10/16/2019, Daily Local News

Otten supports Uwchlan Township supervisor's request to Sunoco
10/11/2019, Daily Local News

Upper Bucks township loses appeal against Adelphia Gateway pipeline

Statewide anti-pipeline rally planned
10/02/2019, Daily Local News

Sunoco still needs DEP approvals to restart pipeline work at Lisa Drive, Chester County
09/25/2019, StateImpact PA

Chester County DA serves Sunoco with formal notice
09/25/2019, Daily Local News

Chester County amps up pressure on Sunoco, calls Mariner East pipeline a nuisance

East Goshen denies pipeline construction after 10 p.m.
09/20/2019, Daily Local News

Comments on PUC Pipeline Safety Proposal Urge Stricter Oversight
09/19/2019, Shale Gas Knowledge Hub *note this article contains a link to all comments submitted to the PUC

Court ruling clears way for Mariner East construction to restart at West Whiteland
09/17/2019, StateImpact PA

Sinkhole develops in Middletown
09/13/2019, Daily Local News

Court rejects Dinniman standing to challenge pipeline
09/10/2019, Daily Local News

State senator doesn't have legal standing to block Sunoco's Mariner East construction, Pa. court says

Mariner East pipeline hit with $319,000 in fines for Pennsylvania violations

Chester County commissioners establish pipeline safety advisory board
08/29/2019, Daily Local News

Gov. Wolf visits pipeline construction site in Chesco
08/23/2019, The Phoenix Reporter

County commissioners take the lead in Mariner East independent pipeline safety evaluation
08/21/2019, Daily Local News

Public hearing set on Comitta's pipeline safety legislation
08/21/2019, Daily Local News

PUC probes "backfire" incident on Mariner East pipeline
08/20/2019, Daily Local News

Down the Pipeline: Downstream Potential in Pennsylvania
08/08/2019, Shale Gas Knowledge Hub (Washington & Jefferson College Center for Energy Policy and Management)

Chester County DA will review pipeline 'boom'
08/08/2019, Daily Local News

Pipeline 'backfire' rattles West Goshen
08/06/2019, Daily Local News

Pipeline community representatives in battle with PUC for more information
08/01/2019, Daily Local News

Killion calls on PUC to adopt tough pipeline standards
08/01/2019, Daily Local News

Local lawmaker introduces legislation to create Pipeline Early Detection and Warning board
07/29/2019, Daily Local News

Public meeting on pipeline to focus on safety issues
07/03/2019, Daily Local News

Let them know what you think about pipelines
07/02/2019, Daily Local News

Senate advances bipartisan pipeline bills
06/20/2019, Daily Local News

PUC launches review of safety regulations on hazardous liquids pipelines
06/15/2019, StateImpact PA

Council approves $60 million LNG plant in South Philly over climate activist opposition
06/13/2019, Philadelphia Inquirer

Dems write pipeline resolution
06/11/2019, Daily Local News

Dinniman opposes reconfirmation of DEP secretary due to pipeline safety concerns
06/05/2019, Daily Local News

As Adelphia pipeline clears hurdles, Bucks officials raise zoning concerns

Sunoco workers clean drilling fluid on Boot Road
06/04/2019, Daily Local News

Public hearing focuses on pipeline safety
05/31/2019, Daily Local News

Federal pipeline safety regulators issue warning on floods and subsidence
05/21/2019, StateImpact PA

Residents demand answers after pipeline problems in East Goshen
05/11/2019, Daily Local News

Pipeline demonstrators take to the streets
05/06/2019, Daily Local News

Middletown wants pipeline shut down after sinkhole problem
05/01/2019, Daily Local News

Another Pipeline Incident, this time in East Goshen Twp.

Sunoco buys two Chester County homes along Mariner East pipeline

Sunoco buys two homes at Chester County site of Mariner East 2-related sinkhole
04/29/2019, StateImpact PA

Suburban Philadelphia state senators seek answers from DEP chief over Mariner East pipeline
04/26/2019, StateImpact PA

Huge sinkhole forms along Mariner East pipeline route
04/26/2019, Daily Local News

PUC defers action on request to lift injunction for Mariner East 2 pipeline construction in Chester County because of court appeal
04/25/2019, PA PUC Press Release

Sinkhole opens up along ME2 route in Delaware County; no leaks or injuries
04/25/2019, StateImpact PA

Mariner East 1 pipeline back in service after sinkholes forced two shutdowns

Sunoco's Mariner East 1 pipeline back in operation
04/23/2019, Daily Local News

Sunoco to restart Mariner East 1 pipeline after agreeing to new safety measures
04/21/2019, StateImpact PA

Mariner East 2 pipeline draws heat at Haverford hearing
04/15/2019, Daily Local News

Chester County sues Sunoco over Mariner East pipeline

Chesco files lawsuit to halt Sunoco pipeline construction
04/10/2019, Daily Local News

Mariner East: Sunoco proposes $200K fine, "remaining life" study of leaky 88-year old pipeline

Sunoco and PUC settle on pipeline dispute
04/04/2019, Daily Local News

Sunoco agrees to settlement, including more safety inspections, with PUC investigators after Mariner East 1 leak
04/04/2019, StateImpact PA

Rep. Quinn introduces bills to regulate pipelines
04/04/2019, Daily Local News

Three Chesco residents settle pipeline lawsuit
04/03/2019, Daily Local News

Living with pipeline construction out back
04/01/2019, Daily Local News

Play ball! Pipeline snafu won't deter Exton Little League season
03/26/2019, Daily Local News

Pipeline construction may jeopardize Exton girls' softball league
03/24/2019, Daily Local News

Senator Muth sponsors pipeline safety legislation
03/22/2019, Daily Local News

Higher operating pressure prompts new safety concerns over Sunoco's Mariner East 2X pipeline
03/21/2019, StateImpact PA

Anti-pipeline rally: "How will we know when to run for our lives?"
03/20/2019, Daily Local News

Pipeline safety probe underway involving Sunoco pipeline in Berks County
03/19/2019, Daily Local News

Crews investigate possible gasoline leak from Sunoco pipeline near Reading
03/18/2019, StateImpact PA

Local residents to attend anti-pipeline rally in Harrisburg March 19
03/18/2019, Daily Local News

Chester County Commissioners upset with redacted Sunoco pipeline statement
03/14/2019, Daily Local News

Killion responds to pipeline correspondence
03/13/2019, Daily Local News

Pennsylvania launches criminal investigation into Mariner East pipeline project

D.A. candidate wants AG to get involved in pipeline probe
03/12/2019, Daily Local News

Delco DA launches probe of Mariner East pipeline
03/12/2019, Delaware County Daily Times

Local pols turn to guv for action on pipeline
03/12/2019, Daily Local News

Local lawmakers announce formation of pipeline safety caucus
03/06/2019, Daily Local News

Editorial: Voices opposing pipeline are growing and getting louder
03/06/2019, Daily Local News

Chester County investigation of pipeline builder Energy Transfer now includes grand jury
03/05/2019, StateImpact PA

Chesco pipeline decision draws praise, scorn
03/03/2019, Daily Local News

Mariner East pipeline target of possible Chester County Commissioners legal action

Mariner East 2 construction to restart in West Whiteland
02/28/2019, StateImpact PA

Energy Transfer Partners CEO admits 'mistakes' were made in Pa. pipeline project
02/27/2019, Daily Local News

West Chester Area School District seeks to intervene in Sunoco pipeline complaint
02/26/2019, Daily Local News

PUC Seeks to at least double pipeline safety inspectors over next 5 years
02/25/2019, PA Environmental Digest

PA halts permits for Texas-based pipeline company building Marnier East
02/09/2019, Daily Local News

PA suspends review of permit applications for pipeline company

PA DEP halts new pipeline permits for Mariner East, cites ongoing violations with Revolution pipeline
02/08/2019, StateImpact PA

Department of Environmental Protection Issues Hold on All Energy Transfer Clean Water Permit Approvals and Modifications Due to Non-Compliance
02/08/2019, PA DEP Press Release

Wolf issues statement on DEP pipeline bar
02/08/2019, Daily Local News

Sunoco pipeline easements expiring in Chester County
02/03/2019, Daily Local News

Hundreds attend meeting on pipeline safety
02/01/2019, Daily Local News

PUC Seeks school evacuation drills on pipeline route
02/01/2019, StateImpactPA

PUC sets investigation into shut-down Mariner East 1 pipeline
1/27/2019, Daily Local News

PUC Update on Investigation Involving Mariner East 1 Pipeline
1/24/2019, PA PUC

Representative Comitta to co-host Q&A on Mariner East safety concerns
1/24/2019, Daily Local News

Sunoco's Mariner East 1 pipeline shut down after new sinkhole found
1/23/2019, Daily Local News

School districts join complaint filed against Sunoco pipeline
1/22/2019, Daily Local News

Sunoco to "purge" part of Mariner East 1 after new sinkhole opens at Lisa Drive
1/21/2019, StateImpactPA

Another sinkhole appears in Chester County neighborhood, exposing Mariner East pipeline

PUC rejects petition seeking to shut down Mariner East 2 pipeline
1/18/2019, Daily Local News

Board cites DEP for wrongly issued permit to Sunoco
1/11/2019, Daily Local News

Lawmakers introduce comprehensive pipeline legislative package
1/03/2019, Daily Local News

Fracking firms in PA are getting billed for millions in impact fees

2018 News

Critics take aim at Sunoco's hybrid Mariner East 2
12/31/2018, Daily Local News

PA's Most Penalized Natural Gas Pipeline Now In Service - Mariner East 2
12/30/2018, PA Environmental Digest

Sunoco says its hybrid Mariner East 2 pipeline is now online
12/30/2018, Daily Local News

Mariner East 2 pipeline up and running, but foes not happy
12/30/2018, Daily Local News

Controversial Mariner East 2 pipeline now in service

DA in Philly suburb launches criminal investigation into Sunoco's Mariner East pipeline project

Chester County D.A. opens criminal investigation of Mariner East pipeline construction
12/19/2018, Delaware County Daily Times

Chester County district attorney opens criminal investigation into Mariner East pipeline project
12/19/2018, StateImpact PA

D.A. Hogan opens criminal investigation of Mariner East pipeline construction
12/19/2018, Daily Local News

PUC panel sees "statewide concern" with pipeline corrosion after ME1 leak
12/15/2018, StateImpact PA

Pipeline firms plagued by accidents, fines
12/14/2018, Daily Local News

Judge denies emergency petition for Mariner East shutdown
12/11/2018, StateImpact PA

Court rejects another plea from pipeline foes
12/11/2018, Daily Local News

Community pipeline safety networks forming in Chester County
12/04/2018, Daily Local News

Mariner East pipelines: Judge reviews request for immediate shutdown
11/30/2018, StateImpact PA

Sunoco hearing set for Thursday
11/27/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco responds to questions about safety
11/16/2018, Daily Local News

Pipeline risk assessment pondered
11/14/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco expects hybrid Mariner East 2 to start operating by year's end
11/08/2018, State impact PA

School superintendents voice pipeline concerns
10/28/2018, Daily Local News

Mariner East 2 pipeline work falls further behind schedule
10/22/2018, Daily Local News

Chesco watershed projects to get $1.8 million from Sunoco fine
10/22/2018, Daily Local News

Full Mariner East pipeline risk assessment report released
10/19/2018, State Impact PA

Sunoco fines will aid local environment; funding approved
10/16/2018, Daily Local News

DEP announces 61 watershed restoration and stormwater projects funded by landmark penalty against Sunoco
10/16/2018, PA DEP Press Release

Business coalition launches new shale-gas promotional campaign

Bill in Harrisburg would make protesting at pipeline a crime
10/11/2018, Daily Local News

"Regulatory issues" delay opening of Sunoco's Mariner East 2 pipeline
10/01/2018, State Impact PA

Pipeline explosion: Part of line shut down during investigation
09/11/2018, State Impact PA

Feds: Sunoco pipeline leaked 33,500 gallons of gas at Darby Creek in June

Sunoco's 12-inch pipeline leaked 33,000 gallons of gasoline into creek, PHMSA says
09/04/2018, State Impact

Risk assessment quantifies Mariner East hazards for residents in two counties
08/29/2018, State Impact

Sunoco replaces sections of Mariner East 2 pipeline
08/23/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco replaces section of Mariner East 2 because of flaws in pipeline coating
08/22/2018, State Impact

DEP approves ME2 modifications in West Whiteland, but PUC green light still needed
08/17/2018, State Impact

DEP Completes Review, Accepts Permit Modification Requests for Mariner East 2 in Chester County
08/16/2018, PA Department of Environmental Protection News Release

West Whiteland supervisors vote to give $2K toward pipeline risk assessment
08/09/2018, Daily Local News

DEP fines Sunoco Pipeline for construction violations
08/06/2018, Daily Local News

DEP Assesses $148,000 Penalty Against Sunoco for Mariner East 2 Violations in Berks, Chester and Lebanon Counties
08/06/2018, PA Department of Environmental Protection News Release

Pipeline construction ban partially lifted in West Whiteland
08/03/2018, Daily Local News

Pipeline construction ban partially lifted
08/02/2018, Delaware County Daily Times

PUC allows restart of Mariner East 2 construction in parts of Chester County of Chester
08/02/2018, State Impact

Wolf administration criticizes federal pipeline approval process
07/30/2018, State Impact

County Council OK's $115,000 risk assessment study on pipeline
07/27/2018, Delaware County News Network

Delco Council commissions long-debated study of Sunoco pipeline
07/25/2018, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Expert addresses Middletown residents on pipeline issues
07/25/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco says exposed pipe in Uwchlan is inactive, poses no threat
07/23/2018, Daily Local News

Citizens push ahead with Mariner East study
07/20/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco: Exposed pipe in Uwchlan Township is inactive, not Mariner East 1
07/20/2018, State Impact

Residents demand a shutdown of Sunoco pipeline projects
07/17/2018, Daily Local News

West Whiteland officials back Dinniman in PUC case
07/09/2018, Daily Local News

Mariner East 2 pipeline may take alternate route
07/05/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco wants to use older pipeline to pump NGLs over unfinished sections of ME2
07/03/2018, State Impact

Delaware County Council makes slow progress after six months of debating pipeline study
06/27/2018, Philadelphia Inquirer

PUC announces $210M distribution of gas drilling impact fees
06/22/2018, Daily Local News

PA discloses how it will divvy up $201M in shale gas fees
06/21/2018, Philadelphia Inquirer

Delco moves forward on pipeline risk assessment study
06/21/2018, Daily Local News

PUC allows contentious Mariner East 1 pipeline to restart
06/14/2018, Philadelphia Inquirer

PUC keeps lid on Mariner East 2 work; allows Mariner East 1 to restart
06/14/2018, State Impact

PUC Upholds shutdown of Mariner East 2 work; allows Mariner East 1 to go back online
06/14/2018, Daily Local News

PUC lifts shutdown order on Mariner East 1 pipeline; Mariner East 2, 2X pipeline construction remains shut down in Chester County
06/14/2018, PA Environment Digest Blog

Middletown to PA: Stop pipeline construction
06/12/2018, Daily Local News

2 new incidents increase residents' unease with Mariner East 2 work
06/08/2018, Daily Local News

Local lawmaker calls on PUC to post pipeline public comments online
06/07/2018, Daily Local News

Chesco Commissioners urge PUC to stand against pipeline projects
06/06/2018, Daily Local News

Chester County commissioners urge PUC to uphold judge's order halting Mariner East construction
06/06/2018, State Impact PA

Pipeline foes ratchet up heat on Gov. Wolf
06/02/2018, Daily Local News

Sen. Rafferty introduces bipartisan resolution to create Commission on pipeline construction and operations
06/01/2018, PA Environment Digest Blog

How Sunoco's Mariner East pipeline is affecting real estate prices in Pa.'s Chester and Delaware Counties

Sunoco urges PUC to overturn judge's order halting pipeline construction in Chester County
06/01/2018, State Impact PA

Dinniman vows to fight appeal of Mariner East shutdown
05/30/2018, Daily Local News

Judge halts pipeline work in West Whiteland
05/24/2018, Daily Local News

PUC judge halts Sunoco's Mariner East pipeline, yet again

PUC judge stops Mariner East 1, construction on Mariner East 2
05/24/2018, Pittsburgh Business Times

Mariner East construction, operation halted again in Chester County
05/24/2018, State Impact PA

West Whiteland resident shares Mariner East experience in PUC case
05/14/2018, Daily Local News

PUC hearing on ME2 in West Whiteland Township
05/11/2018, State Impact PA

Sunoco PUC case termed a 'David vs. Goliath' battle
05/07/2018, Daily Local News

Pipeline protesters rally in Exton against the Mariner East 2 pipeline
05/06/2018, Daily Local News

DEP hits Sunoco with another fine for Mariner East 2 pipeline construction
05/03/2018, State Impact PA

PUC gives Sunoco green light to restart flow of gases in Mariner East 1
05/03/2018, Daily Local News

Mariner East 1 to Resume Operation
05/03/2018, Shale Gas Knowledge Hub (Washington & Jefferson College Center for Energy Policy and Management)

PUC allows Sunoco Pipeline to restart Mariner East

Chesco residents urge DEP officials to halt pipeline construction at hearing
05/01/2018, Daily Local News

New holes appear in ground near Mariner East 1 pipeline in Thornbury
04/30/2018, Daily Local News

Dinniman files legal complaint against Mariner East 2 pipeline
04/27/2018, Daily Local News

Pipeline drilling halted in Middletown
04/25/2018, Daily Local News

FERC begins policy review for approval of natural gas pipelines
04/23/2018, State Impact PA

Mariner East 1 pipeline still sidelined after a month
04/21/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco says testing is done and Mariner East 1 is safe; state officials say slow down
04/20/2018, State Impact PA

Officials meet to discuss pipeline safety
04/18/2018, Daily Local News

DEP Establishes New Water Quality Project Grant Program With $12.6 Million Mariner East 2 Pipeline Penalty
04/17/2018, PA Environmental Digest Blog

Wolf announces grant program to be funded by pipeline penalty
04/17/2018, Daily Local News

DEP to hold public hearing on Mariner East 2 pipeline April 30
04/17/2018, Daily Local News

Dinniman calls for increased transparency on pipeline issues
04/09/2018, Daily Local News

How Sunoco's drilling methods may be causing Mariner East 2's problems

Vandals cause $40,000 damage to pipeline equipment
04/06/2018, Daily Local News

$10,000 reward posted for pipeline equipment vandalism info
04/05/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco reps agree to meet with county officials on pipeline integrity plan
04/05/2018, Daily Local News

Vandals damage Mariner East equipment in Chester County, Sunoco says
04/05/2018, State Impact PA

Sunoco, residents at odds over claim of new "sinkholes" near pipeline construction in Edgemont
04/04/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco offers to relocate residents affected by pipeline construction
04/02/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco will temporarily relocate residents while it conducts pipeline sinkhole study

Sunoco to residents near sinkholes: We'll pay to relocate you during investigation
04/02/2018, State Impact PA

Group continues to raise funding for pipeline risk assessment study
04/02/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco to restrict Ship Road in West Whiteland weekdays for utility improvements
03/30/2018, Daily Local News

Once again, court upholds Sunoco Pipeline's Mariner East project

Appeals court rejects bid for pipeline restrictions
03/27/2018, Daily Local News

Appeals court rejects bid for pipeline restrictions
03/26/2018, Delaware County Daily Times

Class action lawsuit filed against Sunoco Pipeline
03/26/2018, Daily Local News

Mariner East pipeline problems take center stage at senate hearing
03/20/2018, State Impact PA

Absent Sunoco is blasted at Pa. pipeline safety hearing

Sunoco Pipeline violated noise law in East Goshen
03/19/2018, Daily Local News

PUC ratifies Sunoco pipeline shutdown until sinkholes can be resolved

Comitta files for more information on Mariner East 2 pipeline
03/15/2018, Daily Local News

PUC to vote this week to ratify shutdown of mariner east 1 pipeline
03/13/2018, Daily Local News

On pipeline route, some well owners OK with Sunoco's water; others are wary
03/13/2018, State Impact PA

PUC Orders Shutdown Of Mariner East 1 Pipeline After Sinkholes Expose Bare Pipeline In Chester County
03/12/2018, PA Environment Digest

Sinkholes, Sunoco's pipeline inspection stir safety fears in Chester County
03/12/2018, State Impact PA

Pipeline protesters rally at scene of Chesco Sinkholes
03/10/2018, Daily Local News

Sinkholes Cause Temporary Shutdown of Mariner East 1 Pipeline
03/08/2018, Shale Gas Knowledge Hub

Dinniman calls for halt to Mariner East 2 pipeline construction
03/08/2018, Daily Local News

PUC shuts down Mariner East 1 pipeline; orders Sunoco Pipeline to do more tests
03/07/2018, Daily Local News

PUC orders Sunoco pipeline shutdown after sinkholes expose bare pipe near Exton

Sinking Feeling: West Whiteland battles sinkholes tied to pipeline construction
03/04/2018, Daily Local News

100 groups around globe join push urging Wolf to shut down Mariner East 2 pipeline
03/01/2018, Daily Local News

New lawsuits could delay pipeline project
02/28/2018, Daily Local News

Enviro groups sue again to block Sunoco's Mariner East 2 pipeline

Environmental groups seek injunction to halt Mariner East 2 pipeline construction
02/28/2018, StateImpact PA

Sunoco Pipeline: Mariner East 2 pipeline will be up and running by end of June
02/27/2018, Daily Local News

DEP Collects $12.6 Million Fine from Sunoco - But Where Will the Penalty Go?
02/22/2018, Shale Gas Knowledge Hub

Sunoco: Mariner East 2, despite shutdown, expected in service by end of June
02/22/2018, StateImpact PA

Lawmaker says sinkhole shows dangers of pipeline drilling
02/22/2018, Daily Local News

Commonwealth Court rejects zoning challenge to Mariner East 2 project

Mariner East 2: Sunoco's public utility status trumps local regulation, court says
02/20/2018, StateImpact PA

Court rules Sunoco Pipeline can resume construction in West Goshen
02/20/2018, Daily Local News

Uwchlan residents rally against Sunoco pipeline project
02/19/2018, Daily Local News

Chester County township adds to local challenges on Mariner East 2 siting
02/17/2018, StateImpact PA

Sunoco gets green light to restart pipeline work in West Whiteland, Uwchlan
02/16/2018, Daily Local News

What will Sunoco's $12.6 million Mariner East 2 penalty be spent on?
02/13/2018, State Impact

Uwchlan vows to use zoning laws to block pipeline work
02/13/2018, Daily Local News

Critics vow to keep up fight vs. Mariner East 2 pipeline
02/9/2018, Daily Local News

Sunoco pays $12M fine and Pa. puts pipeline back on track
02/09/2018, Daily Local News

Mariner East foes say a 2015 pipeline blast points to risks

Sunoco to pay $12M fine, gets green light to restart construction on Mariner East 2 pipeline
02/08/2018, Daily Local News

DEP fines Sunoco $12.6M, lifts construction suspension on Mariner East 2 pipeline

Sunoco to resume work, pay $12.6 million for Mariner East 2 pipeline violations
02/08/2018, StateImpact PA

Wolf proposes to speed up Pa. gas-well permit reviews, hike fees

Dinniman, citizens push for risk assessment study on pipeline project
01/25/2018, Daily Local News

Delaware County Council looks into risk assessment of Mariner East 2 pipeline
01/24/2018, StateImpact PA

PennEast shale-gas pipeline gets key U.S. permit; opponents vow to fight on

Adelphia Gateway files FERC application

Arguments about Sunoco's mega-pipeline rage on
01/14/2018, Daily Local News

Despite DEP order to halt Mariner East 2 construction, some work is still allowed
01/09/2018, StateImpact PA

Report: Mariner East pipelines could have a $9 billion financial impact
01/09/2018, StateImpact PA

Sunoco says its Mariner pipeline adds $9.1B to economy

Report: Pipeline will be a boon to region's economy
01/08/18, Daily Local News

Local officials turn up heat to ensure safety of pipeline process
01/04/18, Daily Local News

DEP halts construction of Sunoco's $2.5B Mariner East 2 pipeline

Pennsylvania DEP shuts down construction on Sunoco gas pipeline
01/03/18, Daily Local News

DEP Suspends Mariner East 2 Construction Permits
01/03/18, DEP Newsroom

DEP Accuses Sunoco of Unauthorized Drilling
01/02/18, Daily Local News

2017 News

Groups put pressure on Wolf to halt Mariner East 2 construction
12/21/17, Daily Local News

Sunoco resolves dispute by making a contentious valve station disappear

Chesco lawmakers call on governor to halt pipeline construction
12/20/17, Daily Local News

Congressman Meehan seeks pipeline risk assessment for Mariner East 2
12/14/17, StateImpact PA

East Goshen Supervisors adopt resolutions encouraging better regulation of pipelines
12/13/17, Daily Local News

State Rep. Duane Milne calls for freeze on Mariner East 2 pipeline construction
12/3/17, Daily Local News

Sunoco proposes construction change for Mariner East 2, but meets fresh resistance
11/28/17, StateImpact PA

Pennsylvania regulators cite Sunoco for pipeline work leaks
11/21/17, Daily Local News

Sunoco cited again by DEP for Mariner Pipeline construction spills

Pa. Senate restores PUC to full strength, to face a full pipeline of issues

Sinkhole opens up during pipeline drilling in West Whiteland
11/13/17, Daily Local News

Sunoco looks to change plan, now wants to do trenches in Exton
11/09/17, Daily Local News

Thornbury KOs appeal of pipeline construction permit
11/09/17, Daily Local News

Mariner East 2 pipeline completion delayed again
11/08/17, StateImpact PA

Pipeline activists gain ground in local elections

County gets public safety grant from Sunoco Pipeline First Responder fund
11/05/17, Daily Local News

West Whiteland couple taking on Sunoco Pipeline project, but can they win?
11/03/17, Daily Local News

An oil pipeline encircling Philadelphia gets a new life delivering shale gas

Plaintiffs ask judge to revoke 'illegal' Mariner East 2 permits
10/30/17, StateImpact PA

PUC votes unanimously to continue pipeline construction halt in West Goshen
10/27/17, Daily Local News

Marcus Hook upgrades will boost Sunoco's tax bill by $4.8 million

Lawmakers Join Southeast PA Residents In Call For Stronger Pipeline Safety Measures
10/18/17, PA Environment Digest

Residents appeal zoning ruling in pipeline case
10/19/17, Daily Local News

Area residents, representatives rally in Harrisburg for pipeline safety
10/17/17, Daily Local News

23 arrested protesting Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline
10/17/17, StateImpact PA

Drilling fluid spilled for third time in same area in East Goshen
10/10/17, Daily Local News

A new domestic market opens for Marcellus ethane, via Marcus Hook

Pipeline agency fails to explain how it assesses risk, prioritizes inspections
09/21/17, StateImpact PA

Andover residents go to court to halt Mariner East 2 work
09/19/17, Delaware County Times

West Goshen presses pipeline issues
09/15/17, Daily Local News

Delaware River agency advances ban on shale-gas drilling

Agency overseeing Delaware River basin puts fracking ban on agenda

Pa. regulators approve permits for Atlantic Sunrise gas pipeline
Updated 08/31/17,

Uwchlan Township Resolution May Give Municipality More Authority Over Future Pipelines
08/3017, Shale Gas Knowledge Hub (Washington & Jefferson College Center for Energy Policy and Management)

Chesco township plan would give municipalities more control over pipelines
08/25/17, State Impact PA

Sunoco resumes Mariner East 2 pipeline construction in East Goshen
08/24/17, Daily Local News

Mariner East 2 pipeline sparks concern
8/14/17, Daily Local News

Elected officials seek Sunoco's assistance for training
8/14/17, Daily Local News

State gives OK to resume drilling for Sunoco pipeline
8/11/17, Daily Local News

Environmental groups say Sunoco pipeline settlement provides 'meaningful' public protections

Pipeline protesters, state and Sunoco strike safe-drilling deal
8/9/17, Daily Local News

In draft deal, Sunoco agrees to new pipeline drilling conditions as groups withdraw court challenge
8/8/17, State Impact PA

Sunoco agrees to more oversight of its problematic pipeline

Fed court backs pipeline company's right to use eminent domain to seize property - Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline
8/8/17, Delaware County Daily Times

After Sunoco pipeline drilling taints private Chester County wells, critics worry: What's next?
8/5/17, Philadelphia Inquirer/

Dinniman introduces legislative package on pipelines
8/5/17, Daily Local News

Senate approves Powelson nomination to FERC
8/4/17, Daily Local News

Residents fear 'catastrophic problem' with pipeline
8/3/17, Daily Local News

Sunoco officials respond to pipeline safety concerns
8/3/17, Daily Local News

Democratic lawmakers ask FERC to investigate Mariner East 2 pipeline builder
07-31-17, State Impact PA

Sunoco offers affected well owners along pipeline $60K; petition seeks to halt construction

Under mounting fire, Sunoco stands by safety of its pipeline
07-26-17, Delaware County Daily Times

Killion invites public to pipeline briefings
07-26-17, Daily Local News

Drilling Operations Halted on 350-Mile Sunoco Mariner East 2 Pipeline After Local Challenges
07-25-17, NBC 10

Judge halts Sunoco pipeline work in eastern Pennsylvania
07-25-17, 6 ABC

Judge Halts Sunoco Pipeline Construction Across Pennsylvania
07-25-17, CBS Philly

Middletown residents voice frustration with pipeline progress
07-25-17, Delaware County Daily Times

DEP Announces Accountability Actions for Mariner East 2 Violations, Environmental Hearing Board Issues Temporary Partial Halt to Drilling
07-25-17, PaDEP News Release

Judge shuts down all Mariner East 2 pipeline drilling across Pennsylvania
07-25-17, Daily Local News

Judge halts Mariner East 2 pipeline work in Chesco
07-25-17, Daily Local News

Judge halts Mariner East 2 construction in West Goshen Township
07-25-17, State Impact PA

Injunction Temporarily Halts Sunoco Pipeline Construction in West Goshen Township
07-25-17, NBC 10

Mariner East 2 ruling goes against Sunoco
07-25-17, Delaware County Daily Times

All eyes on Middletown tonight as residents expected to pepper council on pipeline concerns
07-23-17, Daily Local News

A fateful 2014 decision confounds foes of Sunoco's Mariner East pipeline
07-23-17, Philadelphia Inquirer

Committa joins call for halt to pipeline construction
07-22-17, Daily Local News

DEP lists citations filed against pipeline
07-21-17, Delaware County Daily Times

Crowd packs Sunoco Mariner East 2 Pipeline meeting in West Goshen
07-20-17, Daily Local News

Editorial: Sunoco must move to ease public concerns
07-20-17, Daily Local News

Senator Dinniman: Halt pipeline drilling
07-18-17, Daily Local News

Leak at Sunoco pipeline site in Delaware County causes mud to flow into creek
07-18-17, NBC 10

State lawmakers want to beef up protections for pipeline neighbors
07-17-17, Daily Local News

Mariner East 2 pipeline won't affect homeowners insurance rates, expert says
07-15-17, Daily Local News

Dinniman calls for halt to all Mariner East 2 pipeline construction
07-15-17, Daily Local News

Sunoco halts drilling in Chester County where pipeline construction damaged drinking water wells
07-14-17, State Impact PA

Sunoco stops drilling until water issues are resolved
07-14-2107, Daily Local News

PUC declines to intervene in West Goshen pipeline dispute
07-12-17, Daily Local News

Sunoco to replace private well water with public supply in Chester County
07-11-17, State Impact PA

Sunoco agrees to extend public water to homes with tainted wells

Uwchlan charts a new roadmap for gas pipelines
07-11-17, Daily Local News

Sunoco responds after contaminating drinking water wells
07-11-17, Daily Local News

West Goshen fights Sunoco on construction of Mariner East 2 Pipeline
07-11-17, Daily Local News

Local officials press Sunoco Pipeline to address water problem

West Goshen Township Files Petition for Injunction Against Sunoco Over Pipeline

West Goshen says Sunoco violated Mariner East agreement

Local officials press Sunoco Pipeline to address water problem

West Goshen Township Files Petition for Injunction Against Sunoco Over Pipeline

Local lawmakers call on Sunoco to halt pipeline drilling until aquifer issues resolved
07-08-17, Daily Local News

Sunoco resumes drilling Mariner East pipeline in Chester County

Pipeline Drilling Creating Issues With Well Water In Chester County
07-07-17, CBS Philly

Water-contamination complaints force Sunoco to suspend Chesco pipeline construction

Some East Goshen residents say they don't feel safe with proposed Mariner East 2 pipeline project
06-29-17, Daily Local News

Opposition to Mariner 2 pipeline is heating up
06-24-17, Daily Local News

Hundreds continue to fight Mariner East 2 Pipeline plan
(Note: This article is followed by a response to complaints from Sunoco Logistics)
06-02-17, Daily Local News

Exelon to close Three Mile Island nuclear power plant
05-30-17, State Impact Pennsylvania

Sunoco's pipeline CEO heads west to Ohio

Judge rules that environmental group can challenge Sunoco over pipeline eminent domain
05-26-17, State Impact Pennsylvania

State of the shale: Pa. gas production up; new drilling down
05-21-17, Philadelphia Inquirer

The flush times are over for Philadelphia oil refiners
05-19-17, Philadelphia Inquirer

Regulatory Rollback Likely to Affect Pipeline Regulations
05-17-17, Shale Gas Knowledge Hub

Pipeline neighbors sue Sunoco Logistics
05-09-17, Delaware County Daily Times

Trump names Chesco man to federal energy post

Powelson nominated to serve on FERC board
05-09-17, Daily Local News

Residents pack meeting to discuss pipeline
05-06-17, Daily Local News

Delco zoning board refuses to block Mariner East 2 pipeline
05-02-17, StateImpact Pennsylvania

With merger, Sunoco Logistics will cease to exist on Friday

PA. may allow utilities to raise rates to pay for gas-main extensions

Fearful parents demand schools near gas pipeline release evacuation plans

Pipeline, sewer talk gets heated in West Goshen
04-14-17, Daily Local News

School officials seek answers on safety of Mariner East 2
04-07-17, State Impact PA

Pa. report lauds $3.7B potential of Marcellus liquids
03-21-17, Philadelphia Inquirer

Local reps take pipeline issue to the state level
03-18-17, Daily Local News

Pennsylvania PUC member considered for federal post
03-09-17, Philadelphia Inquirer

PSEG looks to sell stake in $1.2B PennEast pipeline project
03-09-17, Daily Local News

West Goshen supervisors vote to continue safety evaluations for Mariner East II pipeline
03-08-17, Daily Local News

Commentary: Severance tax is PA's share of shale boom
03-07-17, Philadelphia Inquirer

Residents look to township codes to block Sunoco pipeline
03-05-17, Philadelphia Inquirer

House DEP Budget Hearing: Safe Drinking Water, Permitting, Pipelines, Chesapeake Bay
03-06-17, PA Environment Digest

PA judge declines to reconsider Mariner East 2 pipeline permits
02-23-17, Philadelphia Inquirer

Pipeline Standoff: Judge won't halt Sunoco Logistics construction plans; community foes vow to fight on
02-20-17, Daily Local News

Across tough terrain, Sunoco pipeline leaves some hard feelings

West Goshen files complaint against Sunoco Logistics in pipeline battle
02-17-17, Daily Local News

Environmental groups appeal Pa.'s approval of Mariner East 2 pipeline
02-15-17, Daily Local News

Enviro groups seek immediate block to Mariner East 2 pipeline
02-14-17, Philadelphia Inquirer

DEP Approves PA Pipeline Project/Mariner East 2 Permits
02-13-17, PaDEP News Release

DEP gives green light to Mariner East 2 pipeline project
02-13-17, Daily Local News

Sunoco pipeline leads to 20 new jobs in Marcus Hook
02-01-17, Daily Local News

Middletown Oks study of pipeline's safety
01-25-17, Daily Local News

Trump signs orders advancing Keystone, Dakota pipelines
01-24-17, Daily Local News

Marcellus Shale Play Still on Top
01-18-17, Shale Gas Knowledge Hub

Residents push for pipeline-safety study
01-11-17, Daily Local News

2016 News

Sunoco pipeline gets another court victory in property fight
12-30-16, Daily Local News

Pa. Supreme Court rejects appeal by property owners fighting land seizures for Mariner East II pipeline
12-29-16, Penn Live

Lawmakers implored to beef up pipeline safety regs
11-22-16, Daily Local News

Sunoco Logistics plan encounters delay
11-13-16, Daily Local News

Pipeline Delay Challenged
11-12-16, Philadelphia Inquirer

Chesco pipeline project garners state award
11-01-16, Chadds Ford Live

Middletown pipeline foes vow to continue fight
09-29-16, Daily Local News

Mariner East 2 Progress in Delaware County
09-25-16, Daily Local News

Residents voice concerns over Sunoco pipeline
08-12-16, Daily Local News

Sunoco pipeline hearing draws a crowd in West Chester
08-10-16, Philadelphia Inquirer

Sunoco pipeline creates a divide across Pennsylvania
08-09-16, Philadelphia Inquirer

DEP plans public hearings for Sunoco's Mariner 2 pipeline
07-08-16, State Impact Pennsylvania

Commonwealth Court issues decision on use of eminent domain by Sunoco pipeline in Cumberland County
07-14-16, Patriot News

DEP Begins Technical Review of Pennsylvania Pipeline Project (Mariner East 2)
07-08-16, PaDEP Press Release

Commonwealth Court denies Sunoco's appeal in Clean Air Council suit
06-23-16, Daily Local News

Pa. official: Cuts will hurt pipeline oversight
04-16-16, Philadelphia Inquirer

Energy-hub supporters intensifying the push for a natural-gas pipeline
03-30-16, Philadelphia Inquirer

Chester County residents criticize land agents on Sunoco Pipeline
03-16-16, Reading Eagle

Mariner East 1 Pipeline Shipping To Marcus Hook, Mariner 2 To Be Complete In 2017
03-14-16, PA Environment Digest

Residents, officials air concerns about pipeline tactics
03-11-16, Daily Local News

Local property owners dig in against pipeline operator
02-29-16, Reading Eagle

Lawmaker questions conduct of land agents
02-29-16, Reading Eagle

Sunoco discusses possible 24/7 drilling option in East Goshen
02-28-16, Daily Local News

Sunoco Announces Delay to Mariner East 2 Pipeline and Review on Expansion
02-26-16, Vista.Today

Sunoco Logistics delays Mariner East 2 pipeline
02-25-16, Philadelphia Inquirer

Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force Presents Report, Top 12 Recommendations to Governor Tom Wolf
02-18-16, PA DEP Newsroom

Report offers 184 suggestions on Pennsylvania's natural gas network
02-19-16, Daily Local News

Case against Sunoco pipeline can proceed, judge rules
02-12-16, Daily Local News

How Marcellus Shale drilling keeps falling in PA
02-06-16, Philadelphia Inquirer

Pipeline Concerns Linger for Chesco's Neighbors to the Southeast
02-02-16, Vista.Today

Sunoco explains $3B pipeline project in Middletown
01-31-16, Daily Local News

A bid to win over residents in pipeline's path
01-05-16, Philadelphia Inquirer

2015 News

DEP Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force Moves Last Meeting To Jan. 20
12-21-15, PA Environment Digest

Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force Meeting Scheduled in Harrisburg
12-08-15, Daily Local News

Columbia Gas finishes pipeline extension in Philadelphia
10-05-15, Philadelphia Inquirer

Community Forum Held On Proposed Pipeline Project In Chester County
09-29-15, CBS 3 Philadelphia

Energy Transfer to Buy Williams in $37.7 Billion Deal
09-28-15, New York Times

Westtown supervisors disappointed with Sunoco
09-15-15, Daily Local News

Clean Air Council takes aim at Sunoco pipeline plan
08-27-15, Delaware County Daily Times

Chester County Well Represented On State Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force
07-09-15 Vista.Today

Commissioner Kathi Cozzone appointed to PA Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force
On July 8, 2015, the Chester County Commissioners announced that Vice-Chair Kathi Cozzone has been appointed to serve on the Pennsylvania Pipeline Infrastructure Taskforce. Commissioner Cozzone will serve as the chair of the County Government Workgroup within the task force, leading the workgroup's development of recommendations and best practices.

Pa. Gov. Wolf appoints 48 to pipeline taskforce
07-07-15, Philadelphia Inquirer

Plan for Sunoco's Mariner East 2 displayed for Chesco residents
06-30-15, Daily Local News

Dinniman proposes legislation to allow taxation of natural gas pipelines
06-20-15, Daily Local News

Residents express concerns about pipeline siting
06-20-15, Daily Local News

Wolf's pipeline task force holds promise
06-18-15, Daily Local News

Chesco residents hear Sunoco plans for more pipelines
06-11-15, Philadelphia Inquirer

Cleanup complete of mud-like spill in Upper Uwchlan
06-07-15, Daily Local News

Sunoco Logistics considering additional pipeline to serve Marcus Hook Industrial Complex
06-04-15, Daily Local News

Sunoco plans additional fuel pipeline to deliver Shale gas to Marcus Hook
06-04-15, Philadelphia Inquirer

Governor's Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force Created
The Governor's office has created a Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force to develop policies, guidelines and tools to assist in pipeline development, including planning, permitting and construction. The goal of the Task Force is to have a transparent process with coordination between federal, state, and local agencies, as well as industry representatives, landowners and environmental advocates. Learn More

Two additional articles about the Pipeline Task Force are located here:

Preservationists Swap Pipeline Strategies
05-16-15, Lancaster Farming

West Goshen approves settlement with Sunoco
05-14-15, Daily Local News

Cleanup Complete of Spill in Upper Uwchlan
05-05-15, Daily Local News

West Goshen tables pumping station agreement with Sunoco
04-15-15, Daily Local News

Penn State's Williams pipeline study assesses economic impact
03-25-15, Daily Local News

State considers task force on pipelines that move shale gas
03-15-15, The Morning Call

West Goshen gives pipeline update
03-12-15, Daily Local News

Sen. Rafferty, Sen. Dinniman Introduce Pipeline Impact Fee Legislation
03-09-15, PA Environmental Digest

Sunoco ends pipeline zoning challenge
03-07-15, Philadelphia Inquirer

Sunoco Logistics withdraws public utility petitions for Pa. natural gas pipeline
03-06-15, The Patriot News

Natural Gas Pipelines: All Pain, No Gain?
The Pennsylvania Township News published an extensive article about pipeline proposals and local governments in their February edition. The article also includes useful summaries on the different types of pipelines, pipeline regulations, and active projects across Pennsylvania.
February 2015, Pennsylvania Township News

Wolf unveils proposal for 5-percent natural gas tax
02-11-15, Philadelphia Inquirer

PennEast pipeline study projects economic benefits
02-09-15, Allentown Morning Call
The complete economic impact analysis is available at

New state House bill links severance tax, impact fee
02-05-15, The Times Tribune, Scranton, PA

Sunoco consultant predicts Marcellus Shale will result in $4.2B for state economy
02-05-15, Daily Local News

Delaware county weighs options for growth near Sunoco site
02-04-15, Daily Local News

Wolf Defends Cabinet Picks: "I want the industry to succeed."
01-15-15, State Impact

Downingtown District Sells Easement for Columbia East Side Expansion Pipeline Project
01-08-15, Daily Local News

Penn State research project will pay Lancaster County residents to learn about Marcellus Shale fracking
01-07-15, LancasterOnline

2014 News

Marcellus Shale Drilling Brings Pipeline Controversy to West Goshen
12-31-14, Daily Local News

PA Lawmaker Floats New Severance Tax Proposal as Industry Pushes Back
12-16-14, State Impact

Assessing the Impact of a Severance Tax for PA
12-12-14, Allegheny Institute for Public Policy

Dinniman Suggests Using the State Constitution Against Pipeline Projects
11-15-14, Daily Local News

Schuylkill Farmers Fight Proposed Pipeline
10-18-14, Lancaster Farming

Panel - New Issues Emerging In Fight Against Gas Pipelines
10-16-14, LancasterOnline

Negative Publicity Does More Damage to Marcellus Shale Drilling Companies Than Fines
09-22-14, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

The Pipeline
09-05-14, WGAL News 8 Chronicle

Having A Say on Pipelines
09-03-14, Penn Future

CPUC Zaps PG&E with Record $1.4 Billion Fine Over San Bruno Explosion
09-02-14, San Francisco Business Times

Gauging the Economic Impacts of Marcellus Shale Drilling in the Pittsburg Region
07-15-11, Allegheny Institute for Public Policy