Started in 2019, the Housing Forum is an annual event to share information and best practices regarding housing in Chester County. Topics addressed include the need for affordably priced housing, the A+ Homes initiative, housing for an aging population, and more.

A+ Homes Forum — November 17 and 19, 2020

The 2020 A+ Homes Forum was held on Tuesday, November 17 and Thursday, November 19. The forum took part in two sessions, with the first discussing housing for an aging population, and the second discussing housing construction costs.

Forum 2020

Session 2: Housing Construction Costs

A+ Homes Video

Learn about the A+ Homes initiative of the Chester County Planning Commission, Chester County Department of Community Development, and Chester County Housing Choices Committee. The A+ Homes initiative works to provide attractive, affordably-priced, adaptable, aging-friendly, and accessible homes for all community members.

Creating A+ Homes — November 14, 2019


Putting a spotlight on policies for affordably-priced homes, new residential designs, and housing tools for municipalities, the County's first annual housing forum, Creating A+ Homes, was held November 14, 2019 at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Below are the presentations and handouts from the event.