Community Facilities Data

The Pennsylvania Department of Education posts information such as Cohort Graduation Rates, Dropouts, and Enrollment Reports and Projections on its Data,Report, and Statistics web site.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health's Division of Health Statistics posts information on its PA Health Stats Website. This website includes Hospital Reports data such as Active Medical Staff with Clinical Privileges, and Room Rates, and Discharges and Discharge Days by Age Group.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health manages a health related data website called Enterprise Data Dissemination Informatics Exchange (EDDIE). It provides data on a wide range of topics including births, communicable diseases and behavioral health.

The Pennsylvania State Police post information on its Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System website such as Property Reports, Victim Reports and Arrest Reports which can be generated at the state, regional, county, or municipal level.

If there is specific information you need regarding community facilities, you can contact the Chester County Planning Commission demographer at 610-344-6285.