Protecting Natural Resources in Municipal Ordinances

Useful tools municipal officials can use to incorporate implementable natural resource preservation policies into their ordinances.

Natural Resource Protection Model Standards

In 2015, the Planning Commission partnered with the Brandywine Conservancy to develop a set of natural resource protection (NRP) standards. These standards were based on zoning ordinances that were adopted within several municipalities within the Brandywine Creek watershed. Additional modifications and notes were then added so the standards could be adapted for use by other municipalities. The NRP standards present a template for addressing the minimum protection needed under ideal conditions. These model standards should be modified to reflect the conditions existing within a specific municipality. View the Model Natural Resource Protection Standards (See Strategic Action Plan Part 3 — Toolkit — pg. 327). Additional woodland and forested riparian buffer standards that provide a higher level of protection can also be found at the same web site.

Pennsylvania Land Trust Association

The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association develops and maintains model documents to assist people in achieving conservation efficiently and effectively. View documents.