Measuring Success



During 2019, public and private organizations undertook various initiatives that helped to implement the Landscapes3 Appreciate Goal, "Preserve the historic resources and landscapes that define our cultural heritage to inspire the future through tangible connections to our shared past." The following success stories highlight some of the more notable initiatives.

PhotoTown Tours and Village Walks Celebrates 25th Anniversary

In 2019, more than 2,000 people attended the 25th anniversary of the Town Tours & Village Walks program. These walking tours, held on summer evenings, wind through historic neighborhoods, hamlets, villages, and historic sites and districts. They help the county's historical commissions and societies to showcase local history, particularly new historical research. This initiative helps to implement Landscapes3 recommendation, "Expand heritage tourism programs."

PhotoNational Register Historic Resources Interactive Map

In 2019, the Planning Commission produced a web based interactive map listing all properties that are either listed, or eligible to be listed, on the National Register of Historic Places. The county ranks second in the state for the number of individually-listed properties and districts in the National Register for Historic Places. The map features approximately 635 properties. This initiative helps to implement Landscapes3 recommendation, "Expand historic interpretation and education."

PhotoMunicipal Historic Atlas Maps

In 2019, Municipal Historic Atlas maps were initiated by nine of Chester County's municipalities. These maps are compiled by municipal historical commission members and interested volunteers, to identify historic resources (buildings, structures, sites, and objects) that are at least 50 years old, as a starting point to follow the guidelines of the National Register of Historic Places. This initiative helps to implement Landscapes3 recommendation, "Update historic resource inventories."

PhotoBe Here Brewing in Avondale and the Historic Bull Tavern in Schuylkill Townsip

In 2019, there were two developments that typified adaptive reuse of historic buildings. Avondale's first brewpub, Be Here Brewing, opened in the restored National Bank of Avondale which was built in 1895. Also, the Valley Veterinary Hospital moved their practices to what was once the historic Bull Tavern (built in 1734) located in Schuylkill Township. These initiatives help to implement Landscapes3 recommendation, "Promote adaptive reuse and compatible development."

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