Town Tours and Village Walks — Summer 2019
Explore our Villages "Then and Now"

The Chester County Board of Commissioners through the Chester County Planning Commission, Westtown Township, and our sponsors announce the 25th summer of sharing Chester County's heritage during the annual "Town Tours and Village Walks."

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we will return to our county's roots and visit a number of our historic villages to learn how they started and explore who they are today! A special celebration is planned for the last tour at the Radley Run Country Club.

Town Tours & Village Walks is a series of free summer strolls through historic neighborhoods, hamlets, villages and sites. This summer you can explore Chester County's heritage on Thursday evenings, June 13th - August 29th. Each tour is designed to inform, entertain and increase awareness of Chester County's rich heritage and historic landscape. A number of our sites offer a good selection of restaurants and shops to enjoy after your tour.

Please note: Tours generally last 50 minutes and begin at 5:30 pm with the last tour leaving at 7:00 pm unless otherwise indicated in the brochure. There will be a Kick-Off program on June 13th with pre-registration at 5:30 pm and a Closing Celebration program on August 29th with tours beginning at 4:30 pm and an optional dinner. The August 1st bus tour and supper lectures require advance registration with specific instructions.

Founded in 1682 by William Penn, Chester County enjoyed fertile soil, moderate climate, abundant natural resources, and access to nearby markets. Here the early settlers quickly realized the abundant creeks could power numerous mills which became the early centers of trade. Slowly trails were formalized into dirt roads leading to Philadelphia and local market and cultural centers. These roads also connected trade centers located at mills and furnaces as well as cultural and social destinations of taverns and sacred places. Crucial to economic vitality, villages developed starting in the late 18th century, at the crossroads of early roads and destinations. As technology spurred innovation in the 19th century, canal, railroad and industrial villages grew into towns. By the early 19th century, our boroughs and Coatesville City were well on their way to becoming the cultural and economic centers we know today.