Active Transportation

Bicycle and pedestrian circulation facilities (trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, etc.) and access to public transportation provide not only additional multimodal transportation options, but also opportunities for a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Parks, Trails, Open Space and Recreation

A community’s proximity to publicly accessible parks, trails and open space provide active and passive recreation opportunities towards improving one’s physical and mental health and combating childhood obesity.

Aging Friendly Communities

Mobility, accessibility, and access to community and social  services are key factors towards having the ability to remain in your current residence as you age, especially for the rapidly expanding number baby boomers reaching retirement age.

Food Access and Distribution

Access to healthy and affordable food for all Chester County residents can be challenging for those at risk of food insecurity due to lack of transportation, income, or availability.

Community Services

All residents regardless of age or income status should have good access to supportive services and programs in their community such as education, human services and public health, and have adequate response times when in need of emergency services.

Environmental Health

Communities can be resilient to the impacts of climate change by addressing elements of the built environment such as flooding, stormwater management, and the effective use of landscape material.

3 spheres of sustainabilitySustainability

Sustainable practices involve a balance of economic, environmental and lifestyle factors and can positively affect our quality of life. As Chester County experiences continued development pressure, it is important to implement strategies to develop new sustainable practices and systems that continue to protect our natural resources, create jobs and provide residents healthy lifestyle choices.


The Planning Commission has developed a number of municipal and other planning tools applicable to community health. View tools for community health.