Measuring Success

How we LIVE


During 2019, public and private organizations undertook various initiatives that helped to implement the Landscapes3 Live Goal, "Nurture diverse and well-rounded communities with a balance of residential opportunities and convenient access to community facilities, services, and amenities." The following success stories highlight some of the more notable initiatives.

PhotoHousing Choices Committee Convened

In September 2019 the 19-member Chester County Housing Choices Committee which consists of municipal representatives, land use professionals, housing advocates, and developers from throughout the county. The committee works to promote the planning and developing housing that is attractive, affordably-priced, adaptable, and aging-friendly. This initiative helps to implement Landscapes3 recommendation, "Identify new approaches for affordable housing."

Photo"Creating A+ Homes" Housing Forum

In 2019, Municipal Historic Atlas maps were initiated by nine of Chester County's municipalities. These maps are compiled by municipal historical commission members and interested volunteers, to identify historic resources (buildings, structures, sites, and objects) that are at least 50 years old, as a starting point to follow the guidelines of the National Register of Historic Places. This initiative helps to implement Landscapes3 recommendation, "Update historic resource inventories."

PhotoSteeltown Village opens in Phoenixville

In 2019, the Steeltown Village development opened in Phoenixville in 2019, providing affordable workforce housing for lower-income residents. Steeltown Village consists of 48-units on 3.2 acres. The investment for the development was $12.6 million, including contributions from both Chester County and the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation. This initiative helps to implement Landscapes3 recommendation, "Explore public/private partnerships for workforce housing."

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