Measuring Success



During 2019, public and private organizations undertook various initiatives that helped to implement the Landscapes3 Preserve Goal: "Advance the protection and stewardship of open space, farmland, and natural and cultural features to realize economic, ecological, and quality of life benefits." The following success stories highlight some of the more notable initiatives.

PhotoRelease of Return on Environment Report

In May of 2019, Chester County partnered with the County Economic Development Council and others to produce the Return on Environment report, which estimated the economic value of the county's preserved open space. The report found an average increase of over $11,000 in the value of homes located up to half of a mile from protected open space. This initiative helped to implement the Landscapes3 recommendation, "Expand open space education."

PhotoOpen Space Summit

In May 2019, than 300 individuals attended the Open Space Summit at the Natural Lands' ChesLen Preserve. The Chester County Planning Commission announced annual protected open space totals which showed an increase of 2,400 acres of protected open space in Chester County. It was reported that 23.9% of the county was permanently-protected. This initiative helps to implement the Landscapes3 recommendation, "Convene open space summits."

PhotoMajor new areas of protected open space

Both these initiatives helped to implement the Landscapes3 recommendation, "Expand the network of protected open space."

Hibernia Park

In 2019, the Chester County Department of Parks and Preservation expanded the Hibernia Park property near Coatesville by over 210 acres.

Bryn Coed

Also, Natural Land completed the multi-year preservation of the 1,505-acre Bryn Coed property, which was an important project for residents of northern Chester County.

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