Implementation — How we Prosper

Market the county's location and amenities

How we Prosper

Coordinated efforts to market the county's strong quality of place can help retain existing businesses and grow new businesses.

Market the county's location and amenities for business and employee attraction and retention.


Attracting business to Chester County while retaining existing business would strengthen and diversify the county's economy. Such marketing would create job opportunities for current and future residents and build resiliency for current offices, industrial parks, and shopping areas.


This work would use the county's high quality of place, cultural assets, convenient location, and other strengths to develop a marketing plan to highlight Chester County as one of the premier counties in the country for a business to locate. This joint effort will include a range of strategies to implement the marketing plan and to highlight the quality of our existing workforce and educational systems, both of which support business creation, growth, and long term success. This effort would be a partnership between the county, the Chester County Economic Development Council, and the Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau.

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