Implementation — How we Prosper

Support flexible zoning

Underutilized shopping centers can be renewed through flexibility of permitted uses and the provision of quality amenities.

Support flexible and appropriate zoning regulations to accommodate a range of development opportunities.


Modernizing zoning regulations is key to allowing proactive responses to rapidly changing market trends that are impacting all business sectors, from agriculture to high tech. Failing to periodically consider what uses are appropriate and how uses should be permitted could adversely impact a municipality's tax base.


Permitting a mix of uses within a zoning district will allow land uses to be more reflective of market demands; allow for the appropriate distribution of office, retail, and residential uses; and help to address the need for innovation within a successful business community. This work will support the adoption of zoning provisions by municipalities that are flexible with respect to uses and mixing of uses, provision of workforce and affordable housing, encouragement of amenities, and creation of a sense of place. The Chester County Planning Commission will lead this effort.

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