Implementation — How we Prosper

Create a redevelopment program

Abandoned or underutilized sites targeted by municipalities and landowners for redevelopment can revitalize a community.

Create a countywide redevelopment program to revitalize underutilized properties.


Renewing underutilized non-residential sites in growth areas helps revitalize communities. Underutilized sites have obsolete or less intense uses in previously developed areas. Underutilized sites include greyfields, which are commercial areas struggling to be economically viable; brownfields, where the presence of an environmental contaminant has taken a property out of current use and complicated redevelopment; older office properties, which need to rejuvenate to remain competitive; and institutional uses that are no longer viable. Supporting redevelopment of such sites would guide growth into appropriate areas and rejuvenate communities with new uses.


This effort would develop an inventory of appropriate sites available for infill and redevelopment or site improvements and provide resources for redevelopment that would support capital investment. The inventory of underutilized sites will be the basis to identify sites for redevelopment and help build partnerships between the Chester County Planning Commission, Chester County Economic Development Council, Chester County Industrial Development Authority, municipalities, and private developers to carry out redevelopment.

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