Landscapes2 is Chester County's comprehensive policy plan. It establishes growth management and preservation strategies to guide municipalities, developers, preservationists, and others in making decisions that promote sustainable practices and ensure that future residents have access to the same benefits that we currently enjoy. The goal for housing is to provide diverse and affordable housing options countywide, consistent with the principles of Smart Growth and sustainability, to meet the needs of all households.

Landscapes 3

Landscapes3 will replace Landscapes2 as the official Chester County Comprehensive Policy Plan. As part of the process, topical trend reports were created. Click here to view the housing and all other topical trend reports.

Housing Options Task Force Action Plan

The mission of the Housing Options Task Force is to support the Goals, Objectives, and Policies of the Landscapes2 Plan for Housing and achieve implementation of the Plan Actions through partnership efforts between the private, public, and non-profit sectors. View Plan