Chester County has over half a million residents and is expected to continue growing significantly over the next 30 years. This web page provides basic demographic information and provides links to other data providers, as well as the data portion of CCPC's website, for more information.

Programs and Projects

In the past, most demographic information was gathered every ten years by the US Census. However, there are now many government agencies and private organizations who generate and distribute data on population, housing, and economic conditions. These agencies include the US Census Bureau, the Pennsylvania State Data Center which specializes in state and local level dates, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission which deals with information regarding Philadelphia and its suburbs. View Data Sources

County-wide Planning Policies

Landscapes3 is the comprehensive plan for Chester County, and renews the county's commitment to balancing growth and preservation to foster vibrant communities. Landscapes3 is organized around six goal areas: Preserve, Protect, Appreciate, Live, Prosper, and Connect, and addresses land use, growth, and preservation as part of the Landscapes Map. Within Landscapes3, population and demographics are primarily addressed as part of Forces Shaping Our Future.

Issues and Trends

Within the last decade, Chester County has undergone some demographic changes, some of which are common to the nation as a whole and other of which are unique to the county. These issues include the aging of the population, the influence of Millennials and changes terms of ethnicity and Hispanic populations. View Issues and Trends


In addition to the US Census, there are a number of other organizations and agencies providing data on population, housing, and the economy. View Data Providers