Chester County is home to high-quality streams and waterways, prime agricultural soils and important natural areas like the Hopewell Big Woods and the White Clay Creek National Wild and Scenic River. This web page provides information on preservation guidebooks and mapping for natural resources including streams, wetlands, floodplains, and wildlife habitat.

Programs and Projects

This section contains information on ways to protect or improve the quality of Chester County's waterways, wildlife habitat, and greenspaces.

Protecting Natural Resources in Municipal Ordinances

Click here for guidance and model examples of municipal ordinances and other planning techniques that municipal officials can use to better protect natural resources within their municipalities.

Natural Resources Mapping and Inventories

Click here to view information, data sheets, and maps that inventory Chester County's natural resources, as well as the annual inventory of protected open spaces. Most of these maps are compiled at the regional level by state and federal organizations.

Stormwater, Floodplains and Water Features tools

Click here for information on planning techniques to protect or improve stormwater, water conservation and flooding.

Landscaping, Forestry and Wetlands tools

Click here for information on sustainable landscaping and maintenance practices, including urban forestry and the care of street trees.

Environmental Infrastructure

Visit the Utilities and Infrastructure webpage for information on sewer infrastructure or public drinking water facilities.

County-Wide Planning Policies


Click here to learn more about the most recent comprehensive policy plan which was adopted by Chester County in 2009.


Click here to learn more about the progress the Planning Commission has made working towards the goals identified in Landscapes2, and how your voice can be heard as we update the comprehensive plan.


Click here to view Watersheds, the county-wide Stormwater Management Plan, produced by the Chester County Water Resources Authority in 2002. It provides extensive information on water resources in the county.

Issues and Trends

Sustainable Practices

Click here for local case studies demonstrating how organizations and municipalities have successfully protected or improved natural resources.

Preservation Trends

Click here to view a summary of preservation efforts in Chester County.


The CCPC works closely with other County departments as well as Federal and State agencies to protect Chester County’s natural resources. Click here for a list of our partner agencies.