Twenty years ago, Chester County made a choice. It chose to change — to redirect growth, to protect open space, and to revitalize its towns and communities. With the adoption of a new comprehensive plan, Landscapes, in July 1996, the County Commissioners chose to work with their municipal, business, and preservation partners to keep the county's high quality of place. Landscapes2, adopted in 2009, continued Landscapes policies, seeking to balance growth and preservation.

Have Landscapes and Landscapes2 been successful? The answer is an unequivocal yes. The citizens of Chester County, the county government, local municipalities, the business community, conservancies, and many others have worked extremely hard to improve the county. Here is a summary of how the county has changed.

Sprawl has been limited

10,000 fewer acres of land have been developed than expected. Click here to see how planning has addressed sprawl.

Valuable open space has been protected

Protected open space has increased from 8% of the county to nearly 27%. Click here to see open space preservation accomplishments.

Downtown urban centers have reenergized

The county's urban communities have added over 10,000 residents. Click here to see how urban centers have revitalized.

Trails have become a key part of resident's lives

Over half a million trips are taken on the county's trails every year. Click here to learn about new trails in the county.

The transportation system has worked well

Significant transportation improvements have occurred. Click here to learn about transportation investments in the county.