How we Prosper — Objectives

Prosper PhotoPromote a diverse industry base and flexible workplaces that can adapt to rapidly evolving market, demographic, and technological trends.

Prosper PhotoSupport communication and collaboration between the public and private sectors to further economic development initiatives and community health.

Prosper PhotoSupport redevelopment and strategic infrastructure investment to maximize community assets, capitalize on existing infrastructure, and provide areas for residential and commercial growth.

Prosper PhotoEncourage the agricultural industry so that its diverse business models and workforce can adapt and thrive, continuing as a vital component of county industry and land use.

Prosper PhotoCoordinate and support workforce development across age ranges, skill sets, and business sectors to create a workforce prepared for current and future opportunities.

Photo source: Chester County Intermediate Unit

Prosper PhotoSupport the redevelopment of traditional main streets while encouraging other commercial areas to incorporate the walkability, sense of place, and human-scale of these existing main streets.

Goal Recommendations Measuring Success